Special Announcement on the investigation of the Cardano Foundation

Dear Cardano Community,

In 3 days we will reveal the first batch of the results of our investigation regarding the concerns over the Cardano Foundation.

Please go to www.guardiansofcardano.com !

Many thanks for starting this initiative and bringing all the findings & information to light.

This has finally inspired us to engage in this sensitive matter for the protection of the Cardano Community and Ecosystem.

Special thanks to the Lounge guys who have provided so much value in that particular research thread.

Guardians of Cardano


Why do I get the feeling that the fan is about to be hit with shit?


If thats how you call exposing the truth to light

Oh boy. I sense a touch of bias in here.



This is getting interesting…!!! Where are the Avengers of Cardano!!!



Let’s hope that the quality and level of the content is approximately the same as the graphics. This could become a test for the members here what information is believed…


A gmail address
1 month old Twitter account
0 Twitter followers
10 day old forum account
4 day old Registered website domain.

Let’s see. This looks promising…


Wow such negativity. If there is information it should stand to be shown. If if its no big deal great we can move along. If it is something the community need to act on then let it be acted upon and Cardano will be stronger for it. Only thing I dont like is the timer thing as it implies more could be released at a second point in time. No let good reasoning voices win here. It does not matter time of accounts on twitter etc. Only thing that matters is what information is shown in the announcement.


Sure, we could be objective towards real concerns if they are pointed out and fixed, but why not just come out and discuss them. Why would someone release legitimate concerns in pieces, using a countdown and fancy marketing if not to gain something from it?
Idk, my opinion.

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What is the timing of the second countdown? like almost 2 years? Personally I will be looking forward to what comes out at the end of the first countdown (but I am a sucker for surprises) the next countdown does not matter much unless the first release is very very interesting.

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If anyone was a genuine guardian or protector of the Cardano community, then I would expect them to be supportive of the organisation, open in their communications, and raise any concerns in a mature and logical manner with the Cardano team, IOHK or on the Forum where they can be addressed appropriately, rather than ridiculous sensationalism attempting to create negative speculation.
In my opinion, the site deserves no attention, and I would be very concerned about what else I may be downloading from their site if I did download any reports.


Sally while I agree with you about sensationalism (I really don’t like the timer thing) there could have been voiced many concerns already and you are assuming this is not the case.

The initialization of the second timer is commented out in the source. 666, 55, 44, 33 is just the default view when not set correctly.


Just to be clear I am not endorsing guardians of Cardano as I do not know who they are or exactly what they will say or what the motives are. All I am advocating is basically wait and see whatever this is.


I can’t wait XD

TL:DR - Clickbait?

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The intention to fix something has a logical audience. It’s not this one.

I have seen enough of Charles and his team as they talk about what’s good and what’s not; what’s working and what’s not. Which is why we should be getting these reports from the those qualified (I.e. FP Complete I think was the auditing organization for an external audit of the code).

I think before anyone is allowed to say things/imply things with out facts or any credibility should not be posting to this audience. If I had concerns about a project (and I was qualified technically) I would just. State the facts, cite sources of where the data came from and how I arrived at my conclusion.

This is what a professional does. The activity so far that I see that they have actually done is 1.) state an unstated vague ‘concern’. The result is to only cause baseless concern. Which is what it it right now - baseless.

So the actions are to make you nervous. That’s all we now. We can speculate why etc. but there is no point. These are all accomplished, scientists from all over the world.

The person who is posting is the one who should be looked into.

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