Cardano Foundation Reward Calculator is Wrong

The official Cardano Foundation reward calculator has never been accurate or resembled how the reward equation actually works. They have come up with their own equation and have not used the true formula. Their falsified equation is one of the ways they have taken a stance against pledge and against the overall health of the network. The calculator misrepresents pledge, annualized reward rate, and perhaps other issues yet untested.

@Cardano-Foundation why has your calculator been left incorrect for so long and do you have any plans to either fix it or remove it?

Im not really 100% sure what exactly you mean. Could you make an example whats incorrect there? Because to me it looks correct (of course you have to adjust the parameters to make an accurate statement).

Reload the page / select advanced options / add a 0 to the operator’s stake (pledge) / then add another 0 / then add another 0 …

You will see that pledge has 0 influence on delegator rewards.

Thats not correct. If you change the total stake from the pool and then adjust the pledge it does have an effect.

I see that it changes now.

The labeling is incorrect. Where it says ‘Stake Pool Total Stake’ it actually means ‘Delegator total stake’ or ‘Total Pool Stake minus Pledge’. This is worth fixing.

The change in reward rate from 0 pledge to 10mil is about 0.16% APY. This calculator show it as only 0.0217%.

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This calculator is also static to about a year ago. The saturation point is much different and the annualized reward rate is much lower. We’re closer to 69 mil saturation and 3.6% APY (bare bones pool) now.

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Yeah i agree that the parameters should be correct at any given time.

Seriously, @Cardano-Foundation .

The tool is horribly inaccurate. Please remove it if you are not going to fix it.