CARDANO GRAPHQL API is offline again!

GRAPHQL API is offline again! This time throw “error 503” but test net works fine. I am writing this in order to inform the CARDANO team about the problem and to ask them to pay attention to it. Within a month, CARDANO stopped for the third time.

What query are you using? GRAPHQL is similar to ODATA and we have a completely free api using ODATA.

Let me know whats you’re use-case and i see if i can prepare a explanatory query :-).

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I’ll quote myself:


Hello, I am writing to inform you that has not been working for 5 days and displays error 404. I am writing this for informational purposes if someone from Dandelion is watching the forum.

From your messages, it seems as the Dandelion hosted service is not very reliable for everyday use. I’d go with Blockfrost api or some other 3rd party service, or host my own node and GraphQl server.