Local Cardano GraphQL node Playground not respond (Dandelion)

Hello, I have a question about the local graphql node from Dandelion. Two days ago, the GraphQL graphics environment stopped working, but synchronization continues to work. When I look at the logs, the graphics environment stops after unsuccessful requests to http:\hasura:8080/v1/graphq. I use version 6.1.0 from GitHub. It often happens after the command ‘docker-compose ps -a’ everything is ‘up’ but not having access to the playground. Please if anyone else has encountered this problem tell me any solution to the problem! Thank you


docker container restart cardano-graphql


docker-compose down


export NETWORK=testnet && \
docker-compose -p ${NETWORK} up -d

Check the logs:

docker container logs -f --tail 10 cardano-graphql

Ref: Getting started with Cardano GraphQL