Does cardano-graphql container need internet access?

I wanted to build a cardano-explorer-app on the testnet. I also wanted to use podman to create rootless containers for security. I have recreated the docker-compose.yml into podman create commands. postgresql, node, db-sync-extended and hasura all come up. I can verify from one container to another that access to postgres, hasura, etc. are all functional. I can confirm that postgres has the cexplorer database and db-sync-extended applied the database schema properly.

When starting the graphql container it just repeats the message:
Applying PostgreSQL schema and Hasura metadata: Attempt 1 of 10, retying.... The ports are definitely open and accessible for postgres and hasura. Finally it exits after the 10th “rety” and shows the message:
Command failed: hasura --skip-update-check --project /application/packages/api-cardano-db-hasura/hasura/project --endpoint migrate apply --down all

time="2020-08-30T21:30:44Z" level=fatal msg="ensuring plugins index failed: Get dial tcp: lookup on dial udp connect: network is unreachable".

  1. Is cardano-graphql trying to connect to github.conf during this entire process?
  2. Is it only trying to make this connection out to after the 10th failed attempt?