🇮🇩 [Cardano Hub Surabaya] Meetup #1 : Cardano Indonesia X Triv NFT beyond *.jpegs

:calendar: Date: Saturday, 25 June 2022

:bulb: Purpose of this event:

  • Introduction to Catalyst for Indonesian community
  • Share knowledge on how to submit a good proposal in Project Catalyst

:speaker: Host & Speakers:

Host: Monica from Triv.co.id x Cardano Indonesia Team


  1. Randy (Triv.co.id)
  2. Yan Tirta (Eastern Catalyst School)
  3. Dharma & Dhila (Synchronize Fest)
  4. Fillipo (NFT Link)
  5. Crypto Calliburn (Cardano Indonesia)

:partying_face: Support System:

:hotel: MaxOne Dharma Husada, Surabaya
:video_camera: Media Bersaudara
:camera: Triv Documentation

:desktop_computer: Utilities

  • 2 camera view ( zoom & closeUp)
  • PC streaming i9, monitor 24 inch (2 buah)
  • mixer audio, speaker monitoring
  • crew 4 org
  • TV LED 40"

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total online registrants: 61 people
:couple: Total onsite participants: 30 people

:video_camera: Video recording can be watched in Cardano HUB Surabaya : Video Meetup #1
Dropbox can preview 1 hours, more than that time must be downloaded

Opening Video


Fillipo from NFT LINK with Yan Tirta from Cardano Indonesia, Eastern Catalyst School


Randy from TRIV.CO.ID


Yan Tirta From Cardano Indonesia, Eastern Catalyst School


:camera: Documentation
For more Photo can access atDocumentation Cardano Hub Surabaya: Meetup 1#


Winner Quiz : IDR 100K for 10 Winner

Offline Participant


The event duration is 2 hours. The workshop was held in Cardano Indonesia with Triv.Co.id onsite at Hotel MaxOne Dharmahusada, Surabaya and via Zoom. It was divided into five speaker. The first speaker by Fillipo from NFT LINK was covering about “Existing services dan pilot project NFT Link Card”, the Second speaker by Randy from Triv.co.id was covering about “Introduction of Triv.co.id as Exchange and their facility” and explain the development of the crypto currency ecosystem in general, while the Third speaker by Yan Tirta was covering about “Introduction to Catalyst” and also the Category Challenges in Fund 9, fourth speaker by Dharma and Dila from Synchronize Fest was covering about “Using NFT for Buy Event Ticket” and last speaker by Crypto Caliburn from Cardano Indonesia was covering about “Community Cardano in Indonesia”. We’ve also given rewards for the best question asked by participants. We gave IDR 200,000 in ADA to each of the 5 participants who wins the best question for this workshop.

It’s been a great event that attracts more people to learn more about Catalyst. :partying_face:


Thanks @Fanny_wijaya for the 1st Cardano Hub Surabaya Meetup recap.

The 2nd meetup recap could be found here: