[Cardano Blockchain Surabaya] - Monthly Meetup February 24th 2024

:calendar: Saturday, 24 February 2023

:bulb: Purpose of Event

  • Building local Cardano Community in Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Sharing knowledge & discussion about Cardano ecosystem
  • Networking

:speaker: Host & Speaker

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total Participants: 20 participants

:paperclip:Event Flyer

:camera_flash: Documentation


In alignment of Catalyst Working Group ideation findings, these time, the Cardano Hub Surabaya Meetup conducted some working group based on potential interests of the audience, the first comes from female teenager which is interest in building their career and knowledge from the Community reviewer process and using Blue Orinji use case as the role model for Bare coffee comparison to their skills in the future.

The Second group consist of local exchange representatives and local community, this resources engage us as community and committed to launch movements with the Cardano Community members, with these motivation and potential resources such as hundreds of people that is new market segments for us, future collaboration is for certain.

The third group is discussed as the community leader meeting for the day after. The follow up meeting also successfully conducted by Randy and result in some various agreement to covers all area in Surabaya with niche market segments, even involving charities and dispatch riders leaders. For sure the output of this project will result in continuous engagement till new ideations come from the new volunteers as we expect numerous people will onboard the Cardano Hub Surabaya or the convenient one, Cardano Workshop Jakarta.

The Fourth group represent investor channel as it is only an individual but not coming too early to the meeting, this last group in need of further discussion, whale is always a whale.

The next meetup, we ready to make a big meetup hybrid with Cardano Workshop Jakarta. As Project Manager accompanied by Community Manager from the proposal, we ready to onboard a lot of people from Jakarta and Surabaya recognize as more than just Cardano Volunteer, but also Cardano Mini Ambassadors.