Big Meetup HYBRID Jakarta & Surabaya dan Cardano Workshop Jakarta

:calendar: Saturday, 23 March 2024

:bulb: Purpose of Event

  • Exploring Cardano
  • Glory Report Proposal Cardano Hub Surabaya & Cardano Workshop Jakarta
  • Cardano Academy
  • Cardano Explorer by Cardano Foundation
  • SanchoNet Gov Tools
  • Cardano Developer Portal
  • Project In Cardano Ecosystem:
  • Sharing knowledge & discussion about Cardano ecosystem with Web 3 Community (Jakarta with Utopia Club & Surabaya with Explore Cryptopedia)

:speaker: Host & Speaker

  • @Fanny_wijaya (Host & Speaker- Jakarta Event)
  • @andreassosilo (Host & Speaker-Online Event)
  • Felix Christanto Lead cardano Hub Surabaya- (Host & Speaker- Surabaya Event)
  • @syarbel (Co-Host Jakarta Event)
  • Randy- Moderator Community Revierwer
  • Susan Kartosugondo (Co-Host Surabaya Event)
  • Darma Wardhana (
  • Albi Mattehew (Utopia Club)

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total Participants:
Jakarta : 88 participants
Surabaya : 100 participants
Online : 188 participants

:paperclip:Event Flyer

:camera_flash: Documentation

:pushpin: Jakarta

:pushpin: Surabaya

:pushpin: Online

This initiative was engaged by Felix, a Community Manager and a Lead from Surabaya. To get more awareness and closing events of the project funding, we came to the conclusions and victory reports of both cities, Jakarta and Surabaya. The number of people who registered in Jakarta is 88 people and Surabaya went through its maximum capacity of 100 people. This number was likely more satisfying than the last summit in Indonesia itself. The data collected and some of them were the mini ambassador participants. The collective ideation has been formed to be prepared for Fund12. Groups and groups of them share ideations and escalate the situation while some of them focus on learning as community reviewers first. As for the rundown itself has been differentiated into some parts of involvement from our most appreciated Cardano Ambassador: Mr. Andreas from Berlin. Below is the rundown of the meetup:

The idea to make it hybrid and connect to each other is to make the groups of mini ambassador can see each other from Zoom platform, after a privacy of their ideation and making it less rival for the topic creation, they feel safe to engage each other and celebrate a big meetup and to know what has been achieved together with time fragments and duties of all people in both city. The successful group of participants which are able to submit in Fund12 will be given a reward as it is written in the project’s proposal early, and some will be distributed a certificate of acknowledgement. Since we believe this volunteer action to be a Mini Ambassador has been a tremendous activity of growth for each person.

Surabaya city overflows with 80 people and new leaders arise to speak up and get in touch with the potential Local Community Leaders to penetrate more Community reviewer phases. The main event in Jakarta is also supported by a lot of partners organically and free.

The official announcement of our scope of work for mini ambassador consist of involvement of project’s members to some regions and entities, traveled with trains and cars, back to back from Bandung, Surabaya, Jakarta, Depok, Tasikmalaya to fulfill the knowledge of project catalyst being delivered to precise and exact locations. We believe the outcomes will be managed by the existence of rewarding community reviewers, our job is to prepare them to onboard the ecosystem.
We concluded that the migration from some chains to Cardano nearly happened in Indonesia.