Woman on Community : Big Meetup HYBRID Jakarta & Surabaya dan Cardano Workshop Jakarta


BIG MEETUP HYBRID CARDANO, this grand event was organized by the Cardano Hub Indonesia Community on March 23 2024, held live in two cities, namely Surabaya and Jakarta, plus an online workshop conducted by Andreas [Cardano Ambassador Indonesia]. This event was organized by Lead by Fanny Wijaya [Our project Manager] assisted by Felix, Randy, and the Web 3 Jakarta and Surabaya Community.
This event discusses many things related to the Cardano ecosystem, including:
-Info related to the Glory Report for the Cardano Hub Surabaya and Cardano Workshop Jakarta proposals
-Mini ambassador Program Results, The number of Mini ambassadors spread across two big cities is 25 people
-Information on the existence of the female figure who initiated Cardano Woman Indonesia (love)
-Project that runs on the Cardano chain
-Development of Project Catalyst
-Discussion with the Web 3 Community about the Cardano ecosystem

This event was interesting where the discussion took place from a different point of view by bringing in many communities who were new to the Cardano Ecosystem and Projects in the Cardano ecosystem. This opens up a new view of how far the Cardano ecosystem can develop.

(Photo with members of the Indonesian Cardano Woman Community)

We at Cardano Woman Indonesia are very happy that during the event there were women who were enthusiastic about learning about the Cardano Ecosystem. You don’t need to know a lot, but having the courage to enter this new ecosystem, which the majority of men are involved in, is something that needs to be appreciated. Empowerment for women is not to defeat men but to have the courage to express themselves as empowered women, having equal opportunities to learn and work. We bring this spirit to every opportunity to provide space for women to be confident in the strength that exists within themselves.

We are open to collaborating with more people, both men and women, to learn and develop themselves together for the survival of their livelihood, career and family.

Cardano Woman Indonesia