[Cardano Hub Surabaya] Meetup #5: Coffee and Crypto Talk

:calendar: Date: Sunday, October 23th 2022
:alarm_clock: Time: 6 pm - 8 pm (GMT +7)
:round_pushpin: Location: Bare Coffee, Grand Kenjeran, Surabaya, ID
:link: Meetup Event Link

:couple: Attended by 7 people from Cardano Community

At the #5 meetup, we discussed the Headline news, the price of NFT increased by 3-4 times. This extends to telling stories about the experiences of NFT investors who have been in the investment field for a long time, new ideas emerge to create NFT projects together with the resources they have, and other things. We also discussed matters related to Cardano Summit 2022 where Jakarta was chosen as one of the hosts, some community members will attend the event in Jakarta on November 19th 2022. Meet up that is done casual meeting that also with coffee and croffle. Meetup #6 will be held in November 2022, before Cardano Summit 2022.

This meetup will be the seed of community development into new shoots. See you on Meetup #6 on November 2022 .

:camera: Documentation


Thank you for the meetup recap @Fanny_wijaya :indonesia: :cardano: