Cardano; independently verifying our code

Cardano is being developed to the most exacting standards of assurance and security. In line with our philosophy of transparency, we’re today publishing the positive results from our recent independent code audit, carried out by security experts, R9B.

In commissioning this code audit - and sharing the findings - we wanted to give Cardano users even higher assurance in the quality of our platform. Having this independently verified and security-audited by a company that is expert in this field is an important part of this. Their objective expertise helps us ensure that we have got things right. And outside of their forensic skills in this space, putting their name and reputation to our code lends further substance to any claims of reliability and robustness that we may make. We’re very satisfied with their findings and also pleased that they have given us a clean bill of health.

You’ll find the audit report (along with our mitigations and R9B’s confirmations) hosted within this new, dedicated GitHub repo. As well as demonstrating our own confidence in our code, we hope that it may help the wider blockchain community in identifying potential vulnerabilities that may well be common to other platforms.

IOHK’s Director of Cybersecurity, Charles Morgan, will be joining this month’s Cardano product update show next Thursday, to talk more about this report and our future audit plans, our overall approach to auditing and why this matters. We invite you to join us then. Meanwhile if you have any questions, feel free to drop them right below.