Cardano MENA Community zoom Meeting # 2

In hopes of Growing the Cardano family stronger in the Middle East and North Africa region, further cementing Cardano as the leading state-of-the-art blockchain project. Thanks for everyone that attended ! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

In this Cardano MENA Community meeting we discussed many interesting Facts in MENA countries, Specifically Lebanon !

We talked Djed/ Shen with Mishari (twitter: mishari26 ) :zap: :zap:

Talked about how Mimo’s experience with Pavia influenced all of Pavia’s strategy and way of looking at things as per Paul Samuel the COO …
And how Mimo’s making a living thanks to Pavia and Cardano, Check out his work !
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And Much More! :firecracker: :bomb: :zap: :zap:
Like staking rewards for Shen cryptocurrency. The staking reward is around 4.2-4.3%, which is slightly better than normal staking rewards. Mishari has taken the extra step of delegating the Shen to a liquidity pool on Wing Riders. The liquidity farming results are too early to tell, but so far, it looks like it’s up around 7-7.5% when divided by the number of days.
When adding the Wing Riders token rewards, the total comes around 10%-13%. The conversation is for people who want to hold onto Shen and earn some extra rewards while they wait for it to appreciate in value.

The conversation continues and revolves around a person named MIMO who is a Lebanese Cardano and Ada user. MIMO’s work with Pavia, the first and largest Metaverse on Cardano, was praised by Paul Manuel, the COO of Pavia project, during the latest Cardano summit in Switzerland. MIMO started building structures on Pavia by chance and received positive feedback from the community, leading to him continuing his work on the project for over a year and a half.

MIMO’s work in Pavia helped to market other person’s cNFTs. MIMO’s work on Twitter gained a lot of attention, which provided an opportunity for the other artists to showcase their artwork by incorporating it into MIMO’s building designs, with the approval of his clients of course. This allowed for cross-promotion and marketing of both their works.

Then, Rami asks if the MIMO’s work is sustainable given the economic problems in Lebanon and if he is getting paid fairly in the chosen currency. Rami acknowledges this is a personal question but expresses curiosity about it. MIMO answers with transparency.

Rami is looking forward to the next meeting to hear about the CIP meeting With Juana that took place in Colorado, and suggests having Robert talk about his experience with Genius Yield in the next Community Meeting, a topic that many are unfamiliar with. Robert is happy to share his experience. in the end Rami asks Robert about his use of banks in Lebanon because of a question asked by Emile concerning rates when it comes to OTC.

Rami expresses gratitude to the attendees for participating in the meeting and hopes that the technical difficulties won’t happen again in the future. The purpose of the meetings is to get to know each other and grow as a community. Rami will share the attendees’ social media information on Cardano MENA WhatsApp group and the meeting has been recorded and will be posted on YouTube for people to watch. The speaker wishes the attendees a pleasant Saturday evening. :muscle:

we will hopefully be having another Meeting in one to two weeks’ time from now so stay tuned ! :pray: :zap:

This meeting was sponsored by @lalkulpool1720 ( Please Delegate ! ) and by @cardanofoundation143

Chat shared during call:
|18:14:55| From Hicham to MENA TH(Direct Message) : rami leh 7attin bass fi 10 mins remaining
|18:19:56| From Emile : Get well soon juanas|
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|18:21:51| From Emile : But i think rates are high|
|18:22:03| From Hicham : depends on the guy|
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|18:23:15| From Emile : Scam|
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|18:23:49| From Emile : Thanks hananias|
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Total number of Participant: 7