Cardano NFT Royalties with CIP-0027 , Is it acceptable on any marketplace rightnow?

I have implemented CIP-0027 in my NFT project as describe here CIP-0027 | Standardization of royalties by huths0lo · Pull Request #116 · cardano-foundation/CIPs · GitHub

Following are the steps that i performed

  1. Created brand new policy id
  2. Mint an unamed token with 777 metadata and set percentage rate and wallet address
  3. Burned that unamed token
  4. Mint 1000 NFTs with the same policy id and 721 metadata.

All the steps run successfully , Now when i tested it with CNFT io but Royalties dosnt work here. May be i am doing something wrong or CNFT io doesn’t accept royalties yet.

So my question is , Is there any NFT marketplace right now which accept royalties mechanism of CIP-0027. Or any other way to achieve royalty i heard about we can also do it with cardano smart contract but right now i want to do it from raw transactions i.e cardano cli js.

All comments will be really appreciated. Thanks !!

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For my knowledge Cnft io does not support CIP-0027.
Genesis house and the soon coming Artifct support it.