Cardano node APIs

Hello, I need to query the Cardano blockchain node to get full data of different blocks and transactions for some analysis, My application would make millions of queries so public APIs are not an option.

I need something similar to bitcoin’s node APIs
or Ethereum’s node APIs.

Usually, in BTC or ETH I ran nodes locally and fetch the data through them, and I need something similar here, but I found out from previous discussions that the Cardano node has no APIs, I have also seen some talking about cardano-db-sync and Rosetta but I am not sure if they would produce the same results or if there are easier ways.

can someone guide me to the best way to achieve similar APIs/Querys ?

Edit: I already have a cardano node running and fully synced

Cardano-db-sync with cardano-graphql is probably the best alternative, but not very easy to setup and maintain.
Another alternative could be Ogmios, but it will probably give you less options than graphql:

I did not install any of them so far (just cardano-dn-sync at some point).

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Hi Youssef-Alaa

Would recommend you review this video from @Dostrelith Damjan, it show’s well how to set up and use the postgREST API, I know you said you did not want to use a public API, but it may give you additional input around this issue you are working.

Kind Regards

So it seems like I have to run the cardano-db-sync first then sync it to a database and query the information I need from the database.

Therefore do all the Cardano block explorers use these ways too? there is no shortcut for fetching the data directly from the Cardano node?

You can consider my application as a mini-block-explorer.