Cardano-node + cardano-db-sync

I have cardano-node and cardano-db-sync built from source running on my dev machine successfully but now I’m trying to duplicate the setup on what will be the production server.

I’m using the prebuilt binaries from but now running into all sorts of problems. For example:
[db-sync-node:Error:3239] [2021-10-07 13:19:39.53 UTC] recvMsgRollForward: AsyncCancelled
[db-sync-node:Error:3236] [2021-10-07 13:19:39.53 UTC] runDBThread: AsyncCancelled
[db-sync-node:Error:3231] [2021-10-07 13:19:39.53 UTC] ChainSyncWithBlocksPtcl: AsyncCancelled
[db-sync-node.Subscription:Error:3227] [2021-10-07 13:19:39.53 UTC] Identity Application Exception: LocalAddress “/home/ubuntu/cardano/mainnet/db/node.socket” MuxError MuxBearerClosed “<socket: 21> closed when reading data, waiting on next header True”

cardano-node seems to be running fine but cardano-db-sync is getting a lot of errors. I’m running cardano-node 1.30.0 and cardano-db-sync 11.0.4 Are these two versions incompatible?

If someone can point me to the current versions and configuration of cardano-node and cardano-db-sync that are compatible with mainnet and testnet it would be greatly appreciated.

The latest stable version for the cardano node is 1.30.1, previous was 1.29.0, but not sure if that is related.

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Possibly. So far I haven’t been able to find prebuilt binaries of 1.30.1. Do you know if these have been released yet?

Sorry, not sure. I’m building those manually.

The binaries should always be available, I believe they’re automatically built. Here’s a snippet from discord during a discussion I was having earlier with @georgem1976

George [APEX] — Today at 9:03 AM
you have time for breakfast. it takes about an hour.
[9:03 AM]
and btw, you don’t have to build it if you don’t want. you can use the binaries from IOG.

Dilworth — Today at 9:05 AM
I didn’t realise the binaries for 1.30.1 were available? Ah well, it’s building now; yeah I think I need some food Thanks

I didn’t realise the binaries for 1.30.1 were available? Ah well, it’s building now; yeah I think I need some food Thanks

George [APEX] — Today at 9:23 AM
they are always available. you can find the link on the github releases page, Hydra binaries. For the 1.30.1 you have to expand “Downloads” to see the link.

Hopefully, that is of some help.


Thank you so much. Still new to this ecosystem. It’s very logical, but sometimes not obvious.

Just wanted to follow up. I ended up building from source. These versions are working well together on mainnet and testnet:

$ cardano-cli --version
cardano-cli 1.30.1 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git rev 0fb43f4e3da8b225f4f86557aed90a183981a64f

$ cardano-db-sync --version
cardano-db-sync 11.0.4 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git revision b5cd53d2e86f45127d98de429e8a2b6879fd8a56