Cardano Node from a pre-compiled repository for Raspberry Pi

Hey all,

Just wondering if there is any repository which I can use to download and update the latest/current Cardano node up to date from?

Also with a view to building a node on Raspberry Pi, what is the best build doco to date?


For cardano-node this is official repo:

Is this is what you are looking for?

For Pi, please check this out:

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Thanks, Iā€™m looking for a repo with pre-compiled binaries.
It would be much easier to update the nodes with aptitude for example.

My deb repository has both amd64 and arm64 pre-compiled binaries as deb packages.
If you are prepared to trust my compilation then feel free to use them.

However I would advise compiling your own versions. So, here is how to compile your own deb packages: