Cardano Node Installation 8.9.0 by MonedaCloud

This release was tested using Ubuntu 22.04 base and Cardano Node 8.9.0.

Check installation instructions here.

Check Cardano Node 8.9.0 release notes: Release Cardano Node 8.9.0 · IntersectMBO/cardano-node · GitHub

  • A new feature allowed one to install/upgrade the Cardano node using the official binaries instead of compiling everything from scratch.
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Thanks for this guide :slight_smile:

by the way you can run your BP in p2p mode with following code in your topology file:

"publicRoots": [
        "accessPoints": [ ],
        "advertise": false
"useLedgerAfterSlot": -1
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Thanks for pointing that out. It was not included as a default since I’m unsure if P2P is already the recommended approach for node producers, but I’ll test on preprod and include it in the next revision.


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