Cardano-node start time

1.19.1 - fully synced
After using the command

killall cardano-node

I wait a few seconds then start up the node again. It takes about 90 seconds from me entering the command before the node connects to peers and begins syncing again.

Is this a normal time? It seems like a long break to be dead for 3 minutes.

Definitely faster startup times for newer node versions are reported when killing with signal SIGINT (killall sends SIGTERM by default):

So you can do this instead:
killall -s SIGINT cardano-node

It might help also to look at some of the other performance considerations linked from that thread. Maybe a coincidence, but 90 seconds is also the timeout for restarting a daemon if it’s running from systemd (if not true for you yet, then something you’ll be interested in).

Thanks, that kill command is more graceful. Restarts in single-digit seconds now.


Bumping this thread since i seem to have the same issue.
Restarting my nodes takes 20+ minutes. Looks like its scanning the whole chain every startup.
Any tips?
Node 1.27.0
Using shutdown command “killall -s SIGINT cardano-node”

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