Restart producer node - 18 minutes to sync

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When I kill my block producer node and restart it, it take around 18 minutes to re-sync.
I’m wondering how I could reduce that time, if that’s normal, if it depends on the number of cores, or else?

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welcome @stiiiif … this was typical of earlier versions of cardano-node but with recent versions the sync time has been cut down to mere seconds. First check that you have this version installed, because a lot of install documentation still points to old versions (all releases are here):

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depends how you kill.

best one from live view is to hit the “q” letter.
if you are using kill or killall - then use SIGINT signal, which ends cardano-node process gracefully. if you are sending killing the process without sigint, then cardano-node process is not able to close db and in some cases remove socket file, so next time you start, cardano-node process has to check db for inconsistencies.


thanks @lauris that’s good to know. In version 1.18.0 this was not the case… SIGINT had the same effect as SIGHUP, SIGKILL etc… crash and burn no matter what, with ledger having to catch up from the last checkpoint. We reported this here & sounds like it’s been fixed:

Or maybe we’ve seen the huge improvement ourselves in restart speed since our systemd script was set to use SIGINT from the beginning, even though version 1.18.0 didn’t catch that signal at the time (@stiiiif you could also try implementing this to see if it speeds up your restarts):

Thanks to both of you!

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