Cardano NYC meetup 12/4/18 Recap

Hi, everyone.

A brief recap of the Meetup we just had at the Dlabs offices in NYC.
First my thanks to all who attended and to Dlabs for hosting us and providing the pizza and beer!

Paul Saint-Donat who is the program manager at Dlabs gave a presentation on the Dlabs program followed by Nicolás Arqueros (Nico) CTO of Emurgo who gave a general presentation on Cardano tech and what makes it different from other blockchains and gave an extended Q and A session.

We were fortunate to have a large group of both people who are already familiar with Cardano and others who were learning more about it.
Dlabs has agreed to host more meetups in the future so we are looking to try to have one a month there. I encourage anyone to attend as it looks like we have some good momentum for a diverse and interesting group. Also as many of you know Dlabs and Emurgo are jointly funding fellowships and start ups on the Cardano platform and although the application period is over for the current round they will be offering more in the future so it’s a great place for entrepreneurs.

Please let me know if anyone has questions about this meet up or future ones.


View of Empire State Building from 34th Street:

Paul Saint-Donat Presenting:

Nico in action:


Thanks for the great write up @Donnybaseball :slight_smile:

I’m embarrassed to say that I had my Christmas tree delivered on that evening so I missed it. Def will make it to the next one.

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No worries Merry Christmas!