Cardano Over Coffee - Tuesday, July 2nd

Let’s dive into the highlights of the latest discussions on all things Cardano on this episode of Cardano Over Coffee :coffee:. We chatted about Tokenomics, Catalyst Voting, Governance ,recent and upcoming events in the ecosystem, Marketing and the usual banter! :fire:

We had one guest on the show: @JamesAddonX- Educating on the cardano blockchain and Founder - He talks about what he does and how he got involved in the ecosystem and his Fund12 proposal in the Cardano Use Case - Concept category:

Service Tokenization - A prototype platform to exchange services using personal tokens. A new trading experience with a cardano powered marketplace and a personalized token system. AddonX is integrating real-world services and blockchain technology. The innovative platform is designed to empower both service providers and service consumers by providing a tokenized marketplace and exchange.

The tokens, distinct for every service provider, function as a medium of exchange within the platform and because they are listed on the blockchain the security and transparency of all transactions is guaranteed.

Catch the full episode here: