Cardano Over Coffee - Tuesday, March 19th

A quick recap of discussions from this episode : Topics ranged from ADA, Cardano governance, mobile tokens, Solana, NFTs, an ongoing meme competition on cardanospot and general banter.

We hosted : @clarity_dao - an easy way to manage and participate in decentralized organizations on top of cardano. Talks about accelerating decentralization, the Dao tool, the launch of Clarity Dao and the impact of on-chain governance solutions and how they make governance tokens valuable.

@ProfilaPrivacy - A Web3 personal data and advertising platform on Cardano. They talked about what they have been doing the past 2 years, privacy and crypto law, the future of data privacy and their native tokens being listed on Minswap soon. Also, learn how they are pioneering zero-knowledge advertising and reshaping user experiences.

full episode here :

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