Cardano Over Coffee - Tuesday, May 14th

On this episode the topics included Project Catalyst and Catalyst FC, stakepool , governance and other interesting topics :fire:

We had two interviews on this episode; @CardanoReview - he talks about the GMcatMeme :cat: and the GmCat community. GmCatMeme is the Web3 way of sending GMs to your friends and fam! In Web2, you type/post/text “Gm” to their inbox/feed. In Web3, you can send a GM directly to their wallet!:eyes:

@Xerberus_io - A Risk Rating Protocol. Talks about tokens and token distribution on Cardano. He explains the Risk Ratings of the tokens in the Xerberus Basket Buys. From AAA to CC, they have categorized all the tokens in their basket based on their risk ratings. They further explain how their ratings provide insights into on-chain activity.

Link to full episode :