Cardano Over Coffee - Tuesday, May 21st

Is Cardano Defi 2.0 real? Catch this and other interesting conversations like Fund 12 proposals, smart contracts, the DRep campaign, upcoming events in the Cardano ecosystem and a whole lot of banter! :fire:

We hosted @MinswapDEX - The first multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano. Talks about new and exciting features are coming to the DEX. This includes the Minswap Catalyst Improvement Proposal is coming on-chain, which is about Improving the current process by which the $MIN Holders vote on Catalyst Proposals.

They also talk about the upcoming minswap V2 going to be used in Aiken rolling out in this era of Voltaire. It is a smoother & superior version of the DEX with advanced features & higher speed to cater to the growing space of Cardano DeFi.

Link to full episode :