Cardano Over Coffee w/ Guests Teiki Network and

Todays Guest:
Teiki Network- a decentralized crowdfunding protocol for innovation on #Cardano. Test net starting Jan 16th with bug bounties.

EpochSec.IO - Providing support to the Cardano and Crypto Communities with Cyber Securities

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Dear sir,
Seeing your post and your activity here just made me so happy. Thank you for every single thing you do for Cardano and here’s a really big THANK YOU for posting this in the forum. I hope you continue to do so and I believe there’s additional value in using the forum comments for notes and summaries too!

I missed the show and was looking forward to hearing from Teiki and I try not to miss anything security related from HolyMacaroni.

Happy Full moon friend!

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The youtube channel is looking great too!

You should have your own Catalyst Fund dude.

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Just listened to the recording on YouTube. Thanks fot the informative interview!

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Thanks been putting a lot of work into it we also broad cast it to all major podcast platforms :slight_smile: