Cardano Over Coffee - Wednesday, June 12th

Here’s a quick summary of what we covered in this space: We had some great insights from our participants on topics like cardano governance, the Interim Constitutional Committee, voting and DReps, Intersect membership and general banter!

A key highlight was an upcoming space with Charles Hoskinson as the special guest speaker, to be held on June 14, by reps from[ @Intersect, @Cardano_CF, & @IOHKMedia to give those running for a seat on cardano ’s upcoming “Interim Constitutional Committee” (ICC) -an incredible candidate pool of 21, the opportunity for intros/Q & A.

We had one guest in the second hour:
@BlazarLabs - a Web 3 software production company, does a great summary of some of the things that are slowly rolling out. This includes their collaboration with midnight developers @MidnightNtwrk - fund12 proposal No. 3: Midnight-Enabled Medical Records Data Platform/App. A platform powered by Midnight designed to manage infants’ health data including vaccination, baby schedules, medication and health records.This platform acts as a bridge between parents, medical facilities and researchers through a centralized database.

You can also check out the full recording here: