Cardano Over Coffee With Guest Beanchain

Cardano Over Coffee :coffee::coffee: W/ David from Beanchain

Beanchain - Is a real world coffee shop in Mesa AZ whos mission is to be the best place to sit down and have a cup of coffee in Arizona.

Having a calm place to relax, talk, and study is important to all of us. Our mental health relies on being able to grow and learn with each other and from each other.
This coffee shop will be built with love, fairness, and a shared sense of purpose.

It will be a worker directed company Our goal is to change the way that companies do business. Workers should have a say in the way the value they produce is used.
In our model the workers and founders will share power and decide together which direction to take the company in and how to use the beautiful thing we worked together to create.
Profit will be shared so that our workers see tangible benefits to their efforts. Everyone should be able to live a good life, save money, and feel a sense of control over their destiny.

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