Cardano podcast in French

Hi everybody,

We are launching a new podcast about Cardano for the francophone community.

Cardano is a project with no frontier, no colour and no barrier. IOHK, Emurgo and the foundation are doing a great work everywhere (Asia, Africa, US and more) and we want to share this wonderful project with people all around the world.

We will have access to great guests from IOHK, Emurgo and the Cardano foundation. They will help us communicate the RIGHT informations and grow the community.

Follow us on YouTube (Click here) and Soundcloud ( Subscribe to the channel, give us likes, share with friends/family and leave us comments.

Even if you donโ€™t speak french, it will be a great way to learn :grin:. We (the community) are the best ambassadors to help Cardano reach mass adoption !

Thanks for your support and have a nice day.