Cardano revenue streams

Breaking even seems years away so…
was wondering what are some of the relatively easy, non-technical ways to make money in the Cardano eco-system right now?
I read that ada can be earned through marking proposals through cardano catalyst. Is that something thats feasible and if so how do I go about it?
A lot of the stuff on youtube all seems to be full of scams etc so thought it best I post here.

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Deadly silence… that says it all really… spooky.

A lack of response doesn’t “say it all” especially when it reflects uncertainty about how to respond rather than unwillingness. I personally didn’t respond, after reading your posting, for a reason which might also have been felt by others: as a Catalyst funded proposer I’ve seen the results of too many people marking proposals coming from a non-technical background.

This creates a lot of extra work for the proposers and for the “veteran” proposal reviewers to disqualify inappropriate reviews that come from not reading or understanding the technical details of a proposal: or even non-technical specifics that someone just there to get paid by the review won’t read. Personally I wanted to help you find a good place where you could fit in, but also didn’t want to contribute to the general problem.

Project Catalyst is supposed to evolve naturally with people progressing in their review skills, but to research the background issues in blockchain & Cardano would not be “relatively easy” as you say you are looking for (though I believe would be worth the trouble in the long run). I would like to think that anyone including yourself would be capable of fulfilling this role, if you really want to.

You didn’t say if any of the scammy YouTube videos you looked at referred you to the documentation for Proposal Assessor but there will be more information available here:

I really don’t know how best to characterise the issues of work quality or ethics in this area. I am just learning as I go, like all of us are. Still I would hope maybe some of those with an architectural role in Catalyst would contribute something here (who probably didn’t notice your enquiry because it’s not specifically tagged or titled as “Catalyst”) :sunglasses: @danny_cryptofay @Lovecoach

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Following on from what @COSDpool said, I can highlight a couple of important docs for digging into the PA (proposal assessor) role in Catalyst.

The first is the PA-Guide:

This document iterates a lot between funds so can be expected to change a bit, but it is the most relevant info available for how to do the job and earn rewards as a PA. In the link COSDpool provided there is a Telegram channel for PAs which is the best way to stay up-to date with changes.

One thing that you will need to do in order to assess proposals in Fund 10 will be to sign up for an Ideascale account, which is the platform currently being used to aggregate proposals and assessments. You will receive any relevant emails about the PA stage if you have this account. Community

Also, there is a new Project Catalyst “official” website. Worth bookmarking:

Additionally you can check out the following doc, which is the latest data from the Fund 9 QA round.

In particular there are tabs for seeing what kinds of rewards were paid out for different levels of work (Proposal Assessors - Final tab), as well as being able to sort through individual assessments to see how they were written and subsequently graded (Aggregated tab). The two Valid Assessments tabs show the work that eventually was used to rank proposals in the voting app.

An example of the top earners from the PA pool:

I’ve been an assessor now for 3 funds, and have helped to iterate the above guidelines as well as helping out in other areas of the ecosystem. If you have any questions about the role or the work, I’d be happy to answer if I know!

Worth noting that Catalyst Swarm also offers small bounties for work that is non-technical but very helpful, which is done through dework. This discord channel can get you started. Catalyst Swarm [SWARM]

Currently there is a sister project to Catalyst, the SingularityNET DeepFund, which needs eyes on proposals as well. Swarm is offering bounties in ADA and AGIX (the SingularityNET token). See bounty here:


Nice figure :crossed_fingers: