Cardano should make DEFI a priority

It’s become abundantly clear that DeFi has quickly become a driver of crypto adoption and use.

While it’s obvious that Cardano has much more to offer than that of a DeFi platform, it’s also obvious that you have to give the people what they want…and right now that is Defi of all flavors.

This a great opportunity to position Cardano as the platform to build Defi Dapps on. There have been several high profile hacks of Defi dapps and even Vitalik as issued multiple warnings that “smart contract security” is a huge concern. He means Ethereum but obviously won’t say it.

Cardano offers everything DeFi developers want and I hope the Cardano foundation is making it a priority to reach out to them and get them building on Cardano.


I agree with you and lucky for us they are working on that right now. Next major release this winter will bring smart contracts to the platform. We should be in Defiland by xmas.

Yes, I know about the smart contracts. Supposedly they have been working on the development of smart contracts for years and have been waiting for the release of the Shelly mainnet for final integration.

I’m talking about marketing. Specifically, marketing to developers in the Defi space and getting the word out to the DeFi space that Cardano is the block chain that they should be building their DeFi Dapps on.


Unfortunately, in crypto, people don’t believe it until they see it. IMO the principle of not marketing what’s not ready has worked very well for Cardano.

If that was the case then they wouldn’t have had a token sale more than 3 years ago.

Developers have to be included in the alpha stages.

Even Charles is creating videos asking for more marketing.

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Yeah, I must have imagined Charles saying these things… :grin:

Did you imagine Cardano having a token sale 3 years ago even though Shelly only went live 3 weeks ago?

Your point that cardano shouldn’t reach out to DeFi devs right now just because smart contracts haven’t been released is ridiculous. They’ve been creating relationships for years despite not having a decentralized mainnet.

I don’t know what you’re leader of but I certainly hope it isn’t marketing.

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:astonished: :sob:

Also the existing Defi projekts can make a move from E to A. :slight_smile:

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