Cardano Stablecoin USDA To Resume Launch Under New Ownership

Cardano Stablecoin USDA To Resume Launch Under New Ownership

EMURGO is thrilled to announce that the Anzens USDA stablecoin will launch under the seasoned crypto team Encryptus, with the EMURGO team continuing to support the upcoming launch as a technology provider.

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Last year, we faced significant headwinds when bringing USDA stablecoin to market and promised an exploration of alternative ways to launch. The upcoming launch under Encryptus marks a delivery on our promise with a team ideally positioned to take USDA to new heights.

USDA to be Launched by Experienced Institutional-Grade Trading Desk Encryptus

Founded in 2021, Encryptus empowers high-volume users with secure and efficient crypto transactions, offering large-scale crypto pay-ins and payouts. Encryptus’ trading desk model removes intermediaries, offers competitive fees, and provides seamless transactions with the option to convert to local currencies. In addition to their experience, Encryptus is a compliance-centric crypto team. With a European license, VASP status in Lithuania, and the largest payout network spanning 80+ countries, their industry-leading off-ramp services ensure regulatory compliance and user confidence.

With a strong background in large-scale efficient crypto transactions, Encryptus is also no stranger to Cardano. They have already partnered with EMURGO, working with the Yoroi Wallet team to integrate an off-ramp solution to allow ADA-to-fiat conversions in the mobile version of the wallet, expanding the functionality for those times when Cardano users need to settle in the real world.

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USDA users can count on Encryptus to be dedicated to building the future of USDA, a fully backed stablecoin native to Cardano that users can manage autonomously, transferring it to anyone, quickly and cheaply.

The Encryptus team has years of experience running a compliant trading desk and building relationships with high-volume users in the crypto world, focusing on empowering businesses and emerging markets with a regulation-first approach.

Look forward to exciting new features such as:

  • Worldwide off-ramps: Seamlessly buy USDA against widely used currencies, with off-ramping capabilities in 80+ countries.
  • Access to frontier markets: Connecting emerging economies to developed ones by providing affordable liquidity.
  • Simplifying access to Web3: Bridging the gap to traditional financial services for businesses and individuals in need.

And much more!

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EMURGO’s Evolution and Support

Building on the extensive expertise acquired in developing a tokenization platform last year, EMURGO is uniquely positioned to deliver robust and innovative blockchain infrastructure support to the Encryptus team.

This collaboration also extends to any business seeking to tokenize real-world assets.

As the technology provider behind the Anzens platform, EMURGO looks forward to enabling the new features envisioned by Encryptus. The goal is to assist in a seamless transition with the same ethos that meets and exceeds users’ needs.

Looking Forward

Looking ahead during this transition period, EMURGO and Encryptus are heads down collaborating to evolve and launch Anzens USDA.

The community may stay tuned for updates by signing up on the brand-new website and following the Anzens account on social media @anzensofficial.

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