Cardano Staking Delegation – All You Need To Know (Zoom Meetup)

Cardano South Florida (CSF) meetup is hosting a Zoom event for anyone who is interested in Cardano Stake Delegation. This event will cover a deep and comprehensive dive into Stake Delegation on Cardano Mainnet. The event agenda includes the following:

  1. Staking Fundamentals & Basics
  2. Understanding staking delegation rewards
  3. How to select a highly rewarding stake pool
  4. How to Stake in Daedalus
  5. How to Stake in Yoroi
  6. How to maximize your Return on Staking (ROS)
  7. Debunking misconceptions about Cardano Staking Delegation
  8. AMA on Cardano Staking Delegation
  9. Links for more information

This event happens on July 29th, 2020. RSVP on Cardano South Florida meetup page.
If you have questions about staking and delegation, we have answers.