Cardano wallet with Plutip local cluster

Hi there!
I have to test integration Cardano with out services (written in c#, so I am totally noob in Haskel).
So I can run Plutip local cluster in such way:

/home/docker/plutip/result/bin/local-cluster \
  --wallets 3 \
  --wallet-dir /home/docker/cardano-data/wallets \
  --working-dir /home/docker/cardano-data/plutip \
  --ada 100000 \
  --utxos 5 \  
  --dump-info-json /home/docker/cardano-data/local-cluster-info.json 

and try running cardano-wallet:

cardano-wallet serve \
  --node-socket /home/docker/cardano-data/plutip/pool-1/node.socket \
  --mainnet \
  --tls-ca-cert cert2/ca-cert.pem \
  --tls-sv-cert cert2/server.crt \
  --tls-sv-key cert2/server.key \
  --listen-address \
  --port 8090 \
  --database /home/docker/wallet-db

I must use --mainnet because Plutip generates funds for the mainnet network. And here is the problem: wallet tries to synchronise for an extremely long time.
When I run wallet with the --testnet /home/docker/cardano-data/plutip/genesis.byron.json option, the sync is very fast, but wallet gives me an address in testnetwork.
Any ideas how to get them to work together, either in mainnet, or in testnet address pool?