Cardano Wallpaper Series - Order out of Chaos

Order Out of Chaos

Hi guys, I've decided to do a monthly series of Cardano wallpapers. This is the first release! It is a visual representation displaying the emergence of Cardano in blockchain space. Created with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, they are available for a wide range of devices.

Im always open to suggestions for upcoming series! If you have a great idea, don’t hesitate to contact me :sunglasses:!

Full package

Download the Full package here


Or dowload a suitable resolution below.

Desktops and Notebooks

5120 x 2880


1920 x 1080


1600 x 900


1366 x 768


1449 x 900



1440 x 2960

Samsung Galaxy S8+ β€” Samsung Galaxy S8

1440 x 2560

BlackBerry BlackBerry Priv β€” Motorola Moto Z

1080 x 1920

Oppo R9 β€” Oppo A37 β€” Oppo R9 Plus β€” Oppo F1 Plus β€” Sony Xperia X β€” Sony Xperia Z1 β€” Sony Xperia C4 Dual β€” Philips Sapphire Life V787 β€” Philips Sapphire S616 β€” Lenovo Vibe K4 Note β€” Lenovo K3 Note β€” Motorola Moto G4 Plus β€” Sony Xperia Z3 Plus β€” Google Pixel β€” LG GX F310L β€” Infocus M812i β€” Apple iPhone 7+ β€” Apple iPhone 6+ β€” Samsung Galaxy S5 β€” Huawei P8 β€” Sony Xperia Z3 β€” Sony Xperia Z5 β€” HTC One M8 β€” HTC One β€” HTC One M9 β€” OnePlus X β€” OnePlus 2 β€” Sony Xperia Z β€” LG Nexus 5X β€” OnePlus One β€” Samsung Galaxy SIV β€” Xiaomi Mi Note β€” Xiaomi Mi 4i β€” Samsung Galaxy SV

768 x 1280

BlackBerry Porsche Design P9982 β€” BlackBerry Z10 β€” LG Nexus 4 β€” Nokia Lumia 1020 β€” Nokia Lumia 920 β€” Nokia Lumia 925 β€” LG Nexus 4 AR

750 x 1334

Apple iPhone 7 β€” Apple iPhone 6 β€” Apple iPhone 6s

720 x 1280

Oppo F1 β€” Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL β€” Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual β€” Oppo A59 β€” Oppo A53 β€”Panasonic Eluga I3 β€” Panasonic Eluga Arc β€” Panasonic Toughpad FZ-F1 β€” BlackBerry Leap β€” BlackBerry Classic Non Camera


768 x 1024


Want to be notified for the next release?

If you want to be notified for upcoming series, you can like this post or send me a message and i will add you to the list. If you no longer want to be notified you can contact me and i will remove you from it. Thank you for the support. Cheers guys!


Very cool stuff.

If you have the creativity ability, I think it would be funny to have a capybara zenmaster with a Cardano logo on its forehead. :rofl:



Very nice !!!:+1::+1:

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I do have idea’s I might push your way, but I like these so I might not even work much more on the thought, Good job!

Okay, i’m seriously considering this! Capybaras are freaking awesome man :grin::star_struck:. Thank you for the idea, maybe capybaras wearing capes with the Cardano logo instead of tattooing it on those poor things foreheads :joy:.

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Woooooow! Loooks goood!!! A talent is Born

Nice Wallpapers my friend

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while we’re on the topic
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I didn’t mean like in the tattoo’d necessariyl, but more of like β€œCardano Power”, kind of like this:

That’s Avatar, The Last Airbender β€” image from Amazon.

Of course, a costume, mask, and cape would work just as well.

Glad you like the idea. I thought it was a good idea since Charles talks about Capybaras being the Zenmaster of their ecosystem, and he wants Cardano to kind of be the same. Unfortunately, I have zero creative ability. Let me know how it turns out!


Aaaaaah okay, @CryptoGambler :rofl:! I have decided to make a capybara zenmaster, to see if I can muster up enough creative capability. I won’t be doing a series on them (yet). Not sure if Charles is kidding about making a CryptoCapybaras game. I’m hoping he’s not :joy:!


These pictures are still some of the best I have seen. Have you done anything new recently?


Thanks @ZCryt0Knight, it warms my heart that you like my answer your question. Yes, i have made this animated video. More of my work will be indirectly released with the launch of a couple of community projects.

Will launch my own project by Q3 2019, this will have a lot of cardano related designs. I have not secured any funding for the latter, so it might be pushed back until i can afford to put more time, money and effort in.


Great job! I love it.

I am using the Razer Phone and the 1440 x 2560 size works perfect for it.


Bro, awesome setup!

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I have it on my pc and devices too! @Bullish can I use the images for our Cardano meetup presentations?


I’d like to do the same please!

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Of course @ZCryt0Knight and @Donnybaseball. Feel free to use these however you see fit, i trust you guys.


Thank you. I will give you and your firm all the credit if you wish. That’s the least thing I can do for you.



Gave you some props here: