Catalyst Guru(s) - Help navigating project development proposal re Brain Imaging / Mind Uploading etc

Catalyst Guru(s),

Cardano / Catalyst Fundraising to Build the NAF Research Facility

Last updated:. 2021-08-21 10:00 (Latest version of this doc here.)

Philip Rhoades is the Exec Director of the non-profit Neural Archives Foundation (NAF).

Enlisting the support of Cardano / Catalyst gurus to help with the NAF DAO projects:

Short Version

Proposing a project to create:

  1. A DAO (non-profit?) to fund the construction of the NAF Research Facility (NAFRF). Cost est:
  • US$2m building
  • US$10m Hi-res imaging hardware (CT, MRI machines etc)
  1. A DAO (for-profit) for construction of more residential buildings in the Life Extension Village (site of the NAFRF).

Longer Version

  • The NAF is an Australian non-profit organisation which preserves neural (brain) tissue as an historical archive and supports research into brain and neural disease states.
  • The NAF is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) from 23 February 2018.
  • PR will donate the land to site the NAFRF.
  • Fund the building of a NAFRF dedicated to:
    • Improving technologies related to the long-term storage of neural tissue.
    • The development of technologies to decode neural architecture (memories).
    • The development of hi-res brain scanning technologies.
    • Development of software for individual Avatar AIs for future NAF neural tissue donors.
    • Development of software for Brain Computer Interfaces.
    • Development of software for Mind Uploading.
  • Create a non-profit DAO and issue NAFRF tokens.
  • NAFRF tokens should have value as a collectibles once NAF is seen to be a disruptive force in the neuro-information / brain scanning / uploading / BCI space.
  • A NAFRF token could also be redeemed for a Neural Archives or other procedures performed on a nominated persons within Australia?
  • Set up a NAF Advisory Group consisting of NAFRF token holders.

Constructive feedback about how to encourage gurus to help with the project would be appreciated!