Catalyst Working Group (CWG) Workshop, Tamale

Hi Cardano Community,

I am happy to update you of the success of our recent Catalyst Working Group (CWG) workshop held in Tamale, Ghana on May 4, 2024. The event had 50+ sign-ups and 40+ checked-in participants at the workshop at event venue - HOPin Academy, Tamale.

Discussion the Focus Area: Catalyst Projects Incubation and Acceleration, We dived into cardanoโ€™s #ProjectCatalyst; From incubation to acceleration, we explored exciting avenues and stragies for Catalyst innovation and growth.

This workshop is among the 16+ CWG Workshop hosts that were selected by the Catalyst team together with Rare Evo and Sustainable ADA team, around the world to host the CWG Workshop in order to bring the catalyst community together to share ideas on shaping the future of catalyst.

We discussed blockchain industry partners, blockchain events hosts, incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurs in Ghana, and how these actors can be harnessed for the total development and growth of Cardano and Catalyst in Ghana and beyond.

Event page here - Tamale: Catalyst Working Group ยท Luma

I am very thankful to the Cardano Ghana Community team and the community for participating in this workshop. Also thankful to the Catalyst team, Rare Evo and Sustainable ADA for the support, training and guidance throughout this workshop.

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