Check out the October Black YouTube Channel

Not sure how many have seen this Cardano centric Channel yet but I have to give it a huge shout out for shear creativity and humor. The main character is an animated Cyborg but they just launched some new characters called the crypto blobs. Consider giving them a sub to reward the creativity.


Weeks ago, I thought this channel was a bot generated content. Saw a couple weekly/daily uploads that were quite short. Was really hesitant to check it at first. Finished watching one video, not so bad, it wasn’t trash as I expected. Second video, was still okay. Ended up watching all the channel’s uploads. Unique presentation, short, straightforward, quite informative and timely. Cheeky with the self-awareness at times, pretty entertaining.

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I love the fact we are seeing all these different channels pop up. Makes me really happy to see the community grow.

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