CIP - NFT Metadata Standard

And it is very fast, quick and simple. The EUTXO was all about extend the normal UTXO features.

That’s true, but there are many differernt types of policies. For example with a time limited policy you can create also NFTs, where you mint all tokens in multiple transactions.

Yeah, but a complex monetary policy can do much much more things for free.
Inflation rate, decimal places, even locking even much much more complex highly customised policy for free.

I think These normal native tokes are good for like colored coins for example like for the NB deals or similar use cases, but complex monetary policies should only be implemented with smart cojtracts.

NFTs don’t have decimals and an inflation rate (or need one).

I was talking in general. Even these normal native token bundles as nft are good for games and lot of others things and the controller could decide how they will use.

yes that’s true. but I’m still not sure how to attach metadata to NFTs via a more complicated plutus policy. Could you clarify me about that a little bit more?

Afaik validation scripts even plutus scripts are or would be able to access to metadata, but afaik only in the same transaction and not to others.

okay so the metadata are stored were exactly? still in the metadata body of the transaction or in an utxo via a datascript?

Metadata are in the tx (1 pervtx), metadata id in the tx body. Check out this I created last year.

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Data script is an EUTXO feature, for plutus smart contracts. The normal metadata is in th tx

I know, but if the metadata is attached to the normal metadata field, I don’t see any big difference between your and my approach.

Data script can be think of as forging policy scripts for doing on chain validation, metadata is good for some other features like adding a picture to the nft, or description etc, but the validation is completely done by the chain. While in your aproach the validation is done by you the token controller

In simple words.
In your solution the monetary policy is forced or not by you off chain
In plutus solution the policy os forced by the chain

Which is very very different, as you can be bribed, but the already created on chain policy never as it is immutable

I meant the extended policy in metadata and not the very simple multisig based minting policy

I get that and agree that you can create with Plutus better policies for NFTs. But this proposal is actually just about the metadata, so as you mentioned for adding a link to a picture. This is very important since this is the thing that defines the NFT in the end.

Sorry I told I have not read your proposal but will tomorrow as quite late here now.
For nft metadata pics, desc, etc the tx metadata is fine.
For forcing any monetary policy from metadata off chain is not. Even dangerous Ithink

If everyone follows the same metadata standard it’s easy for wallets and other service providers to check the right metadata for a coin, since they know how the metadata structure is defined and they know where to find it on-chain.

But either way the publishers should use keys for the metadata authenticity. Es everybody would be able to easily index their metadata filtering the noise out very quickly and efficiently.

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Yeah, but different industries will probably need diff requirements and therefore probably would have different standards