Accessing Token Metadata from asset ID

I have a NFT and its assetID asset100qmmhldc2euvh2kmn0mkcvgersf9sl0cqytfm how can I access the Meta Data associated to that NFT during creation?

Basically what I am struggeling with is to find the minting transaction to which the metadata was attached.

I am looking for a way using either cardano-cli or something like

Hello @jochen,
did you look into this CIP already? It has some interesting thoughts on that question: CIP - NFT Metadata Standard

@adatainment yes I know that CIP, but what i am currently looking for is how to access this metadata if all I have is the assetID like asset100qmmhldc2euvh2kmn0mkcvgersf9sl0cqytfm

When I enter this ID into the cardano Explorer it won’t find anything.

Maybe I am looking into the complete wrong direction … ?

Cardanoscan lists minting transactions, and those transactions have a tab to show the metadata: Token Cryptie09733 - Cardanoscan.

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Sorry @jochen it seems like I didn’t get the fact that you ONLY have the assetID. From my view this could only be solved with a specific API build for this case.

In Blockfrost for example you would need to provide the string concatenation of the policy_id and hex-encoded asset_name but I summon @mmahut to be sure.

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Use url like this on Pool pm

or Visit Policy 2a8af0f19ba8bfe934649a789565274b42bab9cc14ea8427c9d2e94a - Cardanoscan

Click on an assets name and go to mint transactions Token Cryptie07336 - Cardanoscan

Then click on trx hash which will take you where you can view metadata Transaction 0f9fd95114eabe60383fe7de63c6772c736236c5b752b6fc842ba26354d84001 - Cardanoscan

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Looking up the asset ID in was what I was looking for.
Thnx, everyone.

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