Problem getting asset id from "nft name"?

When minting nft token, it is “Google Glass” as Asset name. from this, I just want to know asset id which is just only number groups.
476f6f676c65476c617373 (Google Glass)


please provide the transaction view with command:

$ cardano-cli transaction view
Usage: cardano-cli transaction view (--tx-body-file FILE | --tx-file FILE)
  Print a transaction

Available options:
  --tx-body-file FILE      Input filepath of the JSON TxBody.
  --tx-file FILE           Input filepath of the JSON Tx.
  -h,--help                Show this help text

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I found it.
echo -n "asset name " | xxd -ps

great! if you have the source of the info please share, but isnt it placed into the transaction?

please check this url.

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just checked my transaction about token minting and it is there, under policies:

$ cardano-cli transaction view  --tx-body-file matx.raw
auxiliary data: null
auxiliary data hash: null
certificates: []
era: Mary
fee: 179757
- 2d6125136662b6eb63974e01459bb4bc7233822548c6da75a95d19d262bbd438#0
  lovelace: 0
      '6164617070746572': 2019
- address:
    Bech32: addr1vytmc2nvcma4mqyl650l4fjmpz4g6vx4mjpdynmgadpnplgd7ycte
      key hash: 17bc2a6cc6fb5d809fd51ffaa65b08aa8d30d5dc82d24f68eb4330fd
    network: Mainnet
    stake reference: StakeRefNull
    lovelace: 9820243
        '6164617070746572': 2019
update: null
validity interval:
  invalid before: null
  invalid hereafter: null
withdrawals: []

Thank you. I found the policyid and assetid in your solution, but was not sure how can I extract that from output.
Can you please explain how can get “asset id” from the above output?