How can I get the native token asset_name as text?

I’m looking at the following native token:
policy_id: d5e6bf0500378d4f0da4e8dde6becec7621cd8cbf5cbb9b87013d4cc
asset_name: 537061636542756433323639

When I look at the token on cardanoscan, I can see the asset name, which is “SpaceBud3269”:

Is 537061636542756433323639 some sort of an encoded version of “SpaceBud3269”? If so, how do I decode it?
Or does cardanoscan just take the asset name from the metadata of the mint transaction? In that case, where does the 537061636542756433323639 come from?

The 537061636542756433323639 is just a hexadecimal representation of the asset name. Here is a decoder.


Exactly, and apparently a subset of ASCII.