What Characters are allowed in Asset Names?

Hi folks,

I understand the asset name is a hex representation of the text name. And I can see this decoded by the Daedalus client. What characters are allowed? And (how) can I mint a token with a space in the name.

MyAsset = 4d 79 41 73 73 65 74
My Asset = 4d 79 20 41 73 73 65 74
My-Asset 4d 79 2d 41 73 73 65 74

Is there a syntax for cardano-cli that allows a space or a dash. So far I haven’t been successful. If I use a hex value instead of text, will it automatically use this? Or will it just hex the hex?

If not the cli, is there another approach?


Unfortunately, cardano-cli only allows letters and numbers. That may change in the future. You can include Unicode characters in the minting metadata for the token name or ticker symbol.

Other tools, libraries, and websites for creating minting transactions can include any hexadecimal bytes, but some wallets might not display unusual characters. There is more discussion here: NFT syntax of names using cardano-cli

Thanks very much Brian. Sorry, not sure how I missed that other thread.

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