Asset Name defining while minting

I was looking at this procedure for minting tokens but i have a doubt that from where i can set my token name and from where it will get listed.
I’m currently working on testnet.

Hello! One of the first steps is to build a transaction using:
cardano-cli transaction build-raw

In this command you use --mint like this:
–mint=“1 2c42d42397834692836df8224.NAME_HERE” \

The first number in the command above (1) is the number of tokens to issue, the second number is the policy, after the dot or period is where you define the name. It’s also used in the line previous to this one including the new token in the tx-out.
Does this help? What about where it will get listed concerns you? The token listing services get the creation events from the blockchain and you won’t need to tell them you did anything.

Thank you very much… Can i ping you on twitter if need any assist? I’m a newbie for cardano

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