Cardano null tokens and transactions

I have a problem regarding some tokens. There exist tokens like the testoken (from the test-net) that have a null name. Suppose i want to sent this tokens to a other address with the cardano-cli. Usually it would look like this:
policy_id.asset_name x
But how do i send the token if the asset name is null? just ignore it? Also, if i have the hex value of a token, do i even need to write the ASCII name in the transaction? I mean from that:
policy_id.asset_name x to somethihng like policy_id_hexending x (no dot)

Thanks in advantage

For anyone with the same problem i figured the first thing out already.
You can send tokens with no token name. You only have to enter the poilcy id in the transaction like this:
policyid tokenamount

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