How do you add a ticker to a minted native token? (like ADA/DOGE/ETC.)

I have successfully minted a native token and want to know, how do you add a ticker to a minted native token?

Does it have to be done while minting or is it done after?

What is the process to assign the ticker?

Can others claim the same ticker after or is it on a first come first serve basis?


You name your token when you mint it, but the unique part lies in the policy id which is a hash of the policy script. If you look at the testnet now there is a lot of tokens with the same name but under different policies, so there is no way to claim a certain name right now. It might be possible in the future in the same way that you can “claim” your pool ticker if someone copies yours, though it is not actually removed from the chain, only not listed at some of the third party softwares.
Hope it answers some of your questions!

Sorry, I read name for some reason :upside_down_face: If you want to look more at the ticket part you might find more documentation here: GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-metadata-submitter: A library and CLI for manipulating data for the Metadata Server CIP

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