Token names

Are token names unique, and do I “reserve” it by registering it now?

Hi roarh, can’t make these unique as it would result in domain squatting and scams impersonating legit projects. That’s why they’re usually defined by the relevant gatekeepers at the edges, like exchanges, wallets and indexing sites (e.g. coingecko). It’s the same with stake pool ticker names, which can be freely registered but are ultimatively assigned by the Smash servers used by Daedalus,, etc. For the most part the “official” ticker is determined by first come first served, so it makes sense to pick a name which is not used yet and to register the ticker asap.

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Thank you @Nayeli
Is there an easy way to register the token and ticker?

Tickers are registered when deploying the stake pool / token, you can’t really reserve them in advance. However, if you are building a brand and lets say announce a vacant ticker early on, you would likely win a dispute against some random tx registering the name before you. The process is not well defined yet though, as it requires Voltaire to be effective. Take a look at the Ticker Disputes section on to see how they are approaching it.

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Ok. So when setting up a stakepool, I need to decide if it should be used as a token system, or a stakepool system, or can it be used for both?
And if I can only use it as a token system, does it require the same relay that we build for the stakepool, or is the setup different?

They’re two different things. Stake pools are actual servers processing transactions, whereas tokens are just alternative accounting systems with no hardware required.

Learn something new everyday :blush:
Thank you again @Nayeli
I see I need to read more up on this.
Feel free to send me some links to the good Token documentation for initial setup/registration if you have time.
And happy weekend :partying_face:

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Can’t really recommend any docs, Goguen just launched recently and I haven’t had the chance to look into it much. Still early :hatching_chick:

here is a documentation i used to creaty my Native Tokens on testnet: Working with Multi-Asset Tokens


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Token names will not be unique. Basically the same applies for stake pool tickers, it will be the user interface’s decision how this will ultimately be presented. (because the ledger has no notion of token names)