Ticker conflict : 2 stake pools with the same ticker

We are a group of friends and we want to bring our contribution to the Cardano community so we decided to set-up and operate a Stake Pool.
We registered our pool GIVE on 2021-02-16 at 03:24:16.

But unfortunately we noticed after our pool registration, that there was a second pool which has been registered with the same GIVE ticker 13 minutes later.

It results in some confusion when users try to search for us in Daedalus or other wallets to delegate.

I’ve read that when it comes to ticker attribution, we are going with a “a first take, first serve…” basic rule so obviously we are the most legitimate to use this GIVE ticker as we registered first, aren’t we ? I followed the recommendation by sending an e-mail to adapools at cardanians.io to explain the situation but I would also be glad to have your recommendations.

Thank you for your help.

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I am in the same situation with ADAPT. I will request a delisting from SMASH. check out the details here:

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Thank you for your help, we’ve just sent a request email to SMASH team. we will let you know.

Thanks - please update me if you have the result.

Hey I have an answer from IOHK. Well it seems that we have to accept this kind of ticker involuntary “collision” as in a decentralized network names can freely registered. If our case doesn’t meet the few criterias mentioned in the documentation they are not able to remove a ticker from SMASH. Longer-term they will have a discussion around issues like this, and curated lists by third-parties such as wallets or other pool tools would decide which are displayed. It’s the frame of the window people look through… who owns that window? In the case we’re talking about it’s not really the network it’s the SMASH server and in the future, there will be more than one SMASH server (again run by third parties).

interesting - decentralized does not mean that can not be a rule… during registration the system should not accept tickers which has already been registered on the blockchain…
anyway, thanks for the update!

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