Duplicate Pool names?

this needs to get fixed ASAP

there is a a email where u can report this … can’t remember right now!

it’s not a bug, it’s a feature

Well I dont want somebody else using my pool name - thats messed up

Wow thats messed up. Who wants to invest and then have it easily stolen?

Apparently pool tickers don’t have to be unique.

Hopefully this kind of stuff gets improved in future. Just my two cents. Simple lookup when registering “name already exists” is all thats needed. I just read the procedures for requesting a delisting of impersonazation or IP infringement hoping they take that seriously.

But try to contact the PO, perhaps he didn’t knew it and he will change the ticker

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So… it turns out there are mechanisms to report this behavior.

First, IOG have a reporting method via their SMASH page:
I have done this and I am talking with Ben @ IOG

Second, Adapools have a reporting page for duplicate pools. I have reported the second pool there.

Yoroi pulls its data from ADAPools. The SMASH server would cover Daedalus. Fingers crossed.

Bad first impression. Well when I was finishing registering the pool, I didn’t think to check for duplicate tickers. I assumed it was free if didn’t kick back errors. It looks like the community was looking to ban, blacklist and destroy this new pool and all in under 24 hrs., instead of waiting a couple days to work this out. I want a unique easy to find ticker as well. I will try to get it changed in the next 48 hrs.

That being said, nice to meet you folks anyway… Actually could use some help as well, not receiving incoming peers on the relay :wink:

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It’s not a personal thing, so please consider why we feel it’s hard. It has to do with the immense amount of marketing and image building it takes to become operational. Then to see hard “earned” delegators choose the wrong pool is a gut punch :slight_smile: welcome to the club!

Bas @staykpool


Sounds reasonable, thanks for the welcome. Our new ticker is - TRUCK, which is much better match for our mission statement anyhow. We are all up and running and ready for blocks :wink: