Dealing with duplicate tickers

What is the Cardano Foundation’s policy regarding duplicate tickers? I had the understanding that tickers from the ITN would be recognized/protected from copycats.

Thank you.

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Tickers, pool names and the pool description aren’t unique. This is deliberate, it’s done to prevent “ticker squatting”, where people reserve popular ticker names just in case, like they do with domain names on the Internet.

The only unique identifier is the pool ID, which pool operators are encouraged to publish on their website or on social media. This is an example of a stake pool ID: d9812f8d30b5db4b03e5b76cfd242db9cd2763da4671ed062be808a0

The Stakepool Metadata Aggregation Server (SMASH) is a service that’s under development, this will make it possible to filter out reused ticker names that established pools are already using.

All of this is described in this video, at the 6:32 mark: IOHK – Delegating in Daedalus: an introduction – YouTube


Thanks @Chris-Graffagnino for bringing this from Telegram to the forum. From my knowledge it is still unclear who curates which smash database and which curated database will end up in Daedalus. (I would imagine that this would even be selectable)

We should update this thread as soon as new information is available. As far as I understood pool operators will be able to generate a proof by signing something with their ITN key.