Need help with SMASH

Hi Folks,

I kinda have some subtle problems and need guidance. My bare metal server is going fast - 99% in less than 3 seconds - and I’ve minted my first block in 312.


  1. My ticker is in Yoroi, but not Daedalus (I’ve deleted the database in Daedalus and restarted)
  2. pulls up a defunct pool that coincidentally has the same pool name :(. The other pool was never funded and does not show up in pooltools or adapools.


  1. I don’t know where to find SMASH - can you tell me the link
  2. How ‘safe’ is it to rename my pool?

Thank you

What is the ticker ?

It’s ok to change the ticker, 100% safe; also check this post

Perhaps it’s better to contact IOHK